When we hear the words “water in Egypt”, the first image that comes to our mind is usually the Nile. In this trip, we will shift and expand this concept to all different forms of water in Egypt with its beauty, diversity and challenges.

Ever thought what the difference between lakes, sea and the Nile; in this trip, we will take you on a long journey to understand and dip deeper in water to understand the difference between its colors, movement and representation.

Sway with the water. (7 Days RASHED - IDKO - BURULLUS - ALEXANDRIA - MARIOUT)

- Main type of Experience: Ecotourism
- Number of nights: 6 Nights
- Type of accommodation: Small hotels and guest houses
- Starting point: Idko
- Guided or Self-guided tour: Mix, English.
- Group size: 10 to 15.
- Period / Dates: Spring and Summer.
- Price of the package: 520USD
- Main services included in the package: Roadbook, Guides and Maps
- Booking: Sending Request via email info@hubadventure.com