In this trip, you are not only a tourist or a visitor to these sites; you are an agent of change to the sustainability and the conservation of the lakes.

It’s time to take the responsibility to fight the changes and the deterioration occurring to these lakes. In this trip, you will learn about the environment, the threats and moreover you will learn and acquire new knowledge and tools to transform waste to new and innovative products. In this trip, you will be supporting local communities and local startups working for the sustainability and the development of the environment and the societies.

Sustainability and development (3 Days BURULLUS - IDKO - MARIOUT)

- Main type of Experience: Sustainability
- Number of nights: 3 Days
- Type of accommodation: Small hotels and guest houses
- Starting point: Idko
- Guided or Self-guided tour: Mix, English.
- Group size: 10 to 15.
- Period / Dates: All year long.
- Price of the package: 350USD
- Main services included in the package: Brochures Pamphlets and Recycle bags.
- Booking: Sending Request via email