This trip is designed to be educational and interactive with students to present to them new places in Egypt. This package is designed to make them aware about the environment and their role in its protection.

We are one of the many living specie that live on this planet; and thus, one of the most exciting things to do is to keep exploring and to keep being curious about the other species that share this planet with us. In such a young age, we are still curious and our eyes are still eager to see new things and to experiment with our senses our surroundings. In this trip, we will learn together the basics of the ecosystem in order to make life more meaningful in our future.

School Package (7 Days BURULLUS – MARIOUT- Alexandria – Edko)

- Main type of Experience: School trip
- Number of nights: 7 Days
- Type of accommodation: Small hotels and guest houses
- Starting point: Burullus
- Guided or Self-guided tour: Mix, English.
- Group size: 10 to 15.
- Period / Dates: All year long.
- Price of the package: 450USD
- Main services included in the package: Guides, Reflection journals and Maps
- Booking: Sending Request via email