This package is dedicated to put the main living species depending on the lakes at the center of the package in order to understand the importance of lakes’ protection and conservation.

How many of us pass by lake Mariut on the way to Alexandria, without noticing it or knowing anything about it? How many of us even know where Lake Idko is? In this package you will not only understand and learn so much about these waterscapes, you will also get introduced to other species worlds and understand through these lenses the importance of the lakes to their existence and survival.

Lakes’ ecosystems and biodiversity (6 Days BURULLUS - RASHED - IDKO - MARIOUT)

- Main type of Experience: Ecotourism
- Number of nights: 9 Days
- Type of accommodation: Small hotels and guest houses
- Starting point: Burullus
- Guided or Self-guided tour: Mix, English.
- Group size: 5 to 15.
- Period / Dates: Spring and Summer
- Price of the package: 600USD
- Main services included in the package: Guides, Bunflets and Maps
- Booking: Sending Request via email