This trip will spin your head; from the old remainings to the modern architecture; it will make you dip into the heritage in the waters and above the waters. The cities included offer an insightful glimpse on various historical periods from pre-modern to Greco-Roman to Islamic civilization. It will also tackle modern schools of architecture in different environments and the local creative aspect in each one

If you are history buff or passionate about architecture in the middle east this tour is yours. The tour will explore chronologically the various archaeological sites between the Mariout lake and Nile River including Alexandria. in this small triangle we will trace legacy of many civilizations and the continuity and change among these legacies. Despite its dusty feelings till now , the package will also bring the present day architecture into focus. we will dive deeper in various school of architecture weather connected to urban , ruler or lake environment and try to understand the philosophy and creativity behind each one

Archeology and Architecture (6 Days ALEXANDRIA - MARIOUT - RASHED - FUWWAH- MARIOUT)

- Main type of Experience: Exploratoration of the past
- Number of nights: 6 Nights
- Type of accommodation: Small hotels and guest houses
- Starting point: Alexandria
- Guided or Self-guided tour: Mix, English.
- Group size: 7 to 15.
- Period / Dates: Spring and Summer
- Price of the package: 600USD
- Main services included in the package: Guides and maps
- Booking: Sending Request via email